Mare Miller's Garden

Pictures from Mare Miller's garden in Shirley.

Photos of the seedlings Paul Limmer. All other photos Mare Miller.

MillerWithoutWarning.JPG (96098 bytes)   WITHOUT WARNING
MillerWaitingForPeace.JPG (90707 bytes)   WAITING FOR PEACE
MillerEveningEnchantment.JPG (77416 bytes)   EVENING ENCHANTMENT
MillerGrapeade.JPG (82571 bytes)   GRAPEADE
MillerIsleOfZanzibar.JPG (57061 bytes)   ISLE OF ZANZIBAR
MillerPimentoPepper.JPG (64037 bytes)  PIMENTO PEPPER
MillerLavenderBlueBaby.JPG (87942 bytes)  LAVENDER BLUE BABY
MillerKindlyLight.JPG (92759 bytes)   KINDLY LIGHT
Miller98-GC12.JPG (80512 bytes)   Seedling
MillerMM99-4~1.JPG (72737 bytes)   Seedling

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